Kelly is an experienced trial advocate and general legal counselor.


Extensive knowledge regarding practical effect of legislation on clients as they address the judicial process.


Ability to anticipate issues and find innovative programs and solutions.


Progressive problem-solver able to bring harmony out of complex environments.


  • Built legal practice from the ground up through trusted relationships with exceptional mentor lawyers who provided assistance when needed as well as client referrals which became initial source of clients while word of mouth from the represented individuals/entities took hold.
  • Represented countless clients in disputes from informal negotiations to complete adversarial litigation including jury trials. Provided advice in interpretation and drafting of contracts and wills, while minimizing expense through avoiding the overcomplication of otherwise straight-forward transactions and disputes. Resulted in trust-based relationships that led to multiple referrals and repeat business.

General Management

  • Planned and brought successful restaurant to fruition from the conception and build-out of the restaurant to a business generating more than $2M in gross revenue and dozens of higher-wage jobs.
  • Managed the process of building out a restaurant and delivery facility. Included budgeting, financing, layout planning, working with architects and engineers, and navigating the permitting process which included motivating and monitoring contractors to ensure the holiday-based business was open in time for the first season.
  • Designed accounting systems to demonstrate revenue flow and forecast cash flow facilitating a uniform means of presenting data and promoting communication between stakeholders.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with other entities to meet production capabilities while creating and maintaining long-term business model though increasing capacity without risking premature capital
  • Successfully negotiated the transfer of ownership stake resulting in a profitable and amicable transaction while maintaining an interest in the business in perpetuity.

Administrative Support

  • Managed a primary campaign for convention delegates from two extremely culturally and racially diverse Maryland counties from Appalachia to Western Baltimore. Called on county party chairman, and coordinated and spoke at party events. Campaign garnered all 6 delegates from assigned districts to the national convention.
  • Identified and trained staff to triage and distribute crucial communications from demanding callers. Greatly improved efficiency of communication and calmed the pressure on the division.
  • Managed brand identity. Assessed appropriateness of campaign political placards and made quick judgments on what messaging would be allowed at events. Prevented jarring images that would detract from the intended message in order to maintain focus on candidate goals.

Key Skills

Professional Experience

  • Kelly M. Weiss, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Austin, TX (1997-Present)   Trial Lawyer and Legal Counselor 
  • Practice law handling all types of issues and disputes for dozens of clients from contracts and wills to jury trials and appeals.
  • Texas Honey Ham Company, Austin, TX   Founder & Co-Owner
  • Opened and built restaurant in Austin which remains a successful going concern employing dozens and feeding hundreds of people every day.
  • Covenant Hospital Dental Reimbursement Plan, Lubbock, Texas   Administrator
  • Acted as a third-party processor for a hospital of approximately 3000 employers, settling dental reimbursement claims.
  • Glazed Honey Ham Company of Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas   Assistant Manager
  • Helped open and create production methods for an independent spiral-sliced ham retail and restaurant that still thrives today.
  • Bush/Quayle ’92, Washington, D.C.   Field Desk Coordinator
  • Worked in the Political Division of the National Headquarters of Presidential re-election campaign.  Assisted with the management and tracking of delegates for the Republican National Convention for the platform committee and the convention floor.
  • Texas Rangers Baseball Club, Arlington, Texas   Intern
  • Served as personal assistant to George W. Bush during his first season as managing general partner of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.   
  • Bush/Quayle ’88, Washington, D.C.   Intern for the Administration Division, hired and promoted to Administrative State Liaison
  • One of the six out of approximately 150 interns to be hired for the fall campaign. Assisted with providing logistics, equipment and supplies for the staffers from the national campaign, RNC and the Office of the Vice President for the Republican National Convention. Responsible for providing operational support and serving as Federal Election Committee compliance adviser to the thirteen state campaign headquarters of Great Lakes and Midwest Regions.

Education & Technical Expertise

  • J.D., Texas Tech University School of Law
  • B.A., Political Science, Texas Tech University
  • M.B.A. First Tier Coursework, Texas State University McCoy School of Business

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